All About Sowing Grass

There is a lot involved with sowing grass. It takes a fair amount of time, but then you really do have something! Grass is nice to have in the garden. It makes the garden look accessible and neat. In addition, it is nice and safe for children to play on and it is also better for the environment. Therefore, in this blog we want to tell you more about sowing grass and what you need to take into account while doing it. Do you want to know more about sowing grass? Then please read this article!

Why would you sow grass?

There are a number of reasons why you should sow grass. First of all, it could be that you do not have a lawn at all and would still like to lay one out. Another reason for sowing grass could be that you have bare spots in your garden or that your lawn has thinned out. When a lawn is thinned out and has bare spots you are more likely to have weeds growing in your garden. This is something you want to avoid, because once weeds start growing it’s hard to get rid of them!

Choosing grass seed

When you sow grass, it is important to buy the right seeds. So do you need lawn feed, or do you need grass seed? And what is your goal with it? Do you want to make intensive use of the grass by having children and pets play on it, or do you want it to be an ornamental part of your garden? Depending on the purpose, you can buy seeds that are specially adapted to this. So it’s useful to know in advance exactly what you want the grass for. Then you can go ahead and order the seeds.

When to sow the grass

Then comes the actual moment to sow the grass. This can be done all year round, but for the best results it is better to do it in spring or autumn. After all, in these seasons we have plenty of rain. Also, in summer it can get way too hot and we can experience severe drought. In winter the temperatures are often too cold, because grass needs a soil temperature of at least 10°C to grow. So if you have to choose a period in which to sow, it is best to go for a period in spring or autumn when there is enough rain and the temperatures are good.