Lincoln Avenue in Willow Glen

Willow Glen is perhaps the most unique and beautiful neighborhood to be found in San Jose.
Starting out as a small community in the early 1900s, the town of Willow Glen was founded in 1927.
Even though the town was annexed into the city of San Jose in 1936, the neighborhood has managed to retain
its own distinct identity and style. This success can be attributed to the strong sense of pride and vision of the residents
of this area, who have staved off numerous initiatives by the city that would have changed the face of Willow Glen.

While Willow Glen [ 95125 zip code map ] has no hard and fast boundaries, Lincoln Avenue is considered "Downtown Willow Glen".
The goal of this website is to provide a listing of stores, services, organizations & events that comprise the neighborhood.
Doing so will provide a valuable resource for the public, and in turn help local business owners in Willow Glen to thrive.

Thank you, and keep checking back on this site.
Good things are happening here! :)

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