Valorant Agents’ Classes

If you are a fan of strategical shooters, you need to try this awesome first-person game from Riot Games. Valorant has become incredibly popular; the amount of players participating in this free-to-play action grows day by day. To help you make sense of all or agents, we prepared the description of roles and skills of Valorant agents. 

Before we dive into a topic, we want to give one useful tip for beginners: use Valorant boost for your characters to save time on rank-boosting and receive the ultimate game experience faster. But let’s describe the classes of agents you will find in Valorant.


These types of agents are responsible for defense. They are not the best fighters, but they can lock down some areas to protect their team. Agent Cipher is a typical sentinel. He has a chance to daze targets, hamper vision and slows down the targets, reveal the enemy’s location. His ultimate ability allows using the data of the enemy’s corpse to find out the place of his allies. Another example of this class is Sage. She can create a firewall to stop enemies, boost the teammates, slow the enemies, or heal the allies. The unique skill resurrects the dead teammate with full health.

These two examples can give you an overall impression of this class. Other characters play this role; you can read the detailed guides on the official site or the fandom community.


These agents are the perfect killers. They are usually in front of their team and responsible for attaching actions. Let’s see the examples. Phoenix, the famous duelist, has the following abilities: Blaze (explosive fireball damaging the targets in the fire zone), Hot Hands (moving wall of fire, reducing visibility and damaging the enemies), Curveball (blinds the marks as a result of detonation), Run it Back (resurrects the hero with full health in case of dying). 

Another representative of this class is Jett. She can boast the skills of Cloudburst (fog obscuring enemy’s vision), Updraft (passive ability to propel herself up and reach the advantageous position), Tailwind (instant spring forward), Blade Storm (equips the agent with deadly knives she throws at targets).


They prepare the team attacks by pushing the defense in dangerous positions; these heroes can be perfect spies. One of the initiators Sova can create:

  1. Owl Drone (a dart, revealing enemy’s location). 
  2. Shock Bolt (explosive bolt emitting damaging electric charge). 
  3. Recon Bolt (reveal targets within line-of-the-sight of the bolt). 
  4. Hunter’s Fury (energy charges spreading through the entire map and killing enemies).

Initiators can be a great assistance for the attacks.


These agents provide the necessary assistance by affecting the enemy with different skills. As an example, let’s see the abilities of Viper:

  1. Snake Bite (chemical zone damaging and slowing enemies).
  2. Poison Cloud (deals temporal damage).
  3. Toxic Screen (wall of poisonous gas).
  4. Viper’s Pit (toxic cloud reducing enemies vision).

As you can see, there are no good or bad agents, you need to use all classes, and it all comes to the preferable playing style.